in Secret Society Language translated:

H AA aRe Jay I Tea  - HARJIT

SSS I in yes H  -   SINGH

yes I turnthecorner turnthecorner -- GILL

Realize the Truth dear Homosapiens.. the Rise of H A that is Tea!!  THE HAT that homo sapiens love so much to wear results in a new religion called HWOISM, speaking of the Truth of H on planit AARTH.

The NAAM/NAME OF HARJITSINGHGILL was used to create fiction without the authorization from the child/adult.. for the benefit of the homo sapien species.. The crime of the century was commited.....The guilty to be judged as Judgment is to follow...

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HARJIT SINGH GILL is the UAF (UnAuthorized Fiction) of "Budding HGOHD". 

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Feb 21, 2015


The Sikh Religion has 10 gurus/spiritual teachers, Guru means - spiritual teacher,  the 11th guru is the bible called THE GURU GRANTH SAHIB, the worship of the written words, or names is termed "NAAM JAAP"  - hence the religion is about worshipping the words/names.. Let me provide you some clues as to the nature of truths found in SIKHISM -- imparted to your species for your awakening is the Truth delivered by HARJGTHEONE HARJGILL DBA, (see,  as THEONE, Leader and Creator of the 14th Family, and of HWO.ZONE....


The war of the families since the inception of your species is the war of attempting to create your species through breeding, the species elders and young actively involved in selection process, involved in acts of war and terrorism.. The war can be summed up as the war between the A and the E.  The sikh religion acknowledges this war and provides the clue to how the balance between the A and E is to be provided in your world.. However, the species due to its greed and thirst, and its acts of terror over breeds the EEE and terrorizes the A... The Christian Religion/white woman and men have been in bed literally I mean in bed, with white asian mongoloids and more specifically in bed with the EEEE in return for power.. that is the Truth.. 

Here is the Truth so clearly put forth by the GURU's"

1)GURU NANAK -  Yes you are you , in AAA in AAA butter....  this is the Truth offered by the first guru

2)GURU ANGAD - Yes you are you , AAA in yes AAA D...Second guru glorifies the AAA EEE here

3)GURU AMAR DAS -  Yes you are you , AAA AM AAA aRe D AAA SSSS..  D is now an AAA and SSSS

4)GURU RAM DAS -  Yes you are you , aRe AAA Am D AAA SSSS... again the D is AAA and SSS 

5)GURU ARJAN -  Yes you are you , AAA aRe Jay AAAA in .... NOW the AAA is a JAY color..

6)GURU HAR GOBIND - Yes you are you , H AAA aRe Yes O H Be I in D...  now the truth offerred is the H that is AAA is in D .. no mention of EEEE  .... here is there is another clue offered by the sixth Guru, the 666666,  saying the war would be others attempting to enter the D rather than permit the H to enter the D.... the Truth laid out by the NAAM JAAP of the sixth Guru...  

7)GURU HAR RAI - Yes you are you , H AAA aRe aRe AAA I...   very clearly the seven Guru's NAAM JAAP says the H is AAAA.....also again the seventh Guru as did the sixth warns of the war....

8)GURU HAR KRISHAN -  Yes you are you , H AAA aRe   butter aRe I SSS H AAA in.  very clearly the  H that is AAA is to be buttered in...

9)GURU TEG BAHADUR - Yes you are you , Tea EEE yes  Be AAA HHH AAA D you are.. very clearly  a Tea that is EEE can enter a H AAA D..  do you understand once the H as entered a D, the HD offspring can enter a EE that is Tea...   This is stated by the NAAM JAAP of the 9th Guru hence the E only enters less than ten percent of the time into a H and only if the H is a D... hence H AAA 's do not enter EEEE.. period.. according to the Sikh Religion...  Notice dear homo sapiens that the entrance of the EEE is only mentioned once in the 11 Guru's NAAM JAAP, it is the Truth offered by the NAAM JAAP that the EEE and in only in form of a Tea EEE is to enter less than ten percent of the time which means the EEE alone, is to never enter and thus should be maintained at very low population levels.. The world is currently 70-90 Percent EEE... the species is thus unaccptable for breeding purposes... The Truth clearly laid out by the SIKH GURU's in their NAAM JAAP deciphered clearly for you via secret society language by HARJGTHEONE HARJGILL DBA..

10)GURU GOBIND SINGH -- yes you are you , yes O H be I in D SSS I in yes H...  clearly again the H enters the D no mention of EEE...  and again the 10th Guru also warns of the war as others try to enter the D instead of the D entering the H.... This is why Guru Gobind Singh developed the SIKH Army - the KHALSA... unfortunately, the SIKHS and SIKH NATION fell prey to the greed of the fiction world and could not raise their swords for THEONE that was enlighten and lead the species... their failure is noted by HARJGTHEONE HARJGILL DBA... judgement to follow...

11)GURU GRANTH SAHIB - yes you are you,  yes R AAA in Tea H  SSSS AAA H I be  ...  this is the bible of the Sikh Religion they refer to as the living Guru... The living Guru states also yes RAN Tea H, The RAN, the RON enters the H tea..  So did the RAN, RANI GILL (nick name Ran/Ron) enter the H..  she did...The truth  spelled out clearly by the sikh bible, the NAAM JAAP.

Now understand dear homo sapiens the English Language, developed by secret societies, is about the H entering the D that is EEE....   So who is providing the balance.  The SIkh Religion's NAAM JAAP offered by the SIKH GURUS' clearly spells out when and how the EEE enters, in enters as a Tea not as as white asian product.. Christianity, and the white man/woman in return for power as been over breeding the EEEE.. that is the Truth.. 


FROM:     Sikh Gurus[2][edit]

#NameDate of birthGuruship onDate of deathAge at deathMajor Contributions & DeathFatherMother
1Guru Nanak15 April 146920 August 150722 September 153969* Founded Sikhism * Died of natural causesMehta KaluMata Tripta
2Guru Angad31 March 15047 September 153929 March 155248* Prohibited visit & worship of Muslims religious places by Sikhs *Humayun sought help from Guru Ji against Sher Shah Suri * Died of natural causesBaba PheruMata Ramo
3Guru Amar Das5 May 147926 March 15521 September 157495* Established Manji & Piri system of religious missions for men and women respectively * Strengthened the Langar community kitchen system * Asked Akbar to stop the persecution of Hindusand Sikhs by removing oppressive and discriminatory IslamicJizya tax on Hindus * Died of natural causesTej Bhan BhallaBakht Kaur
4Guru Ram Das24 September 15341 September 15741 September 158146* Formulated Anand Karaj Sikh marriage ceremony * AskedAkbar to stop the persecution of Hindus and Sikhs by removing oppressive and discriminatory Islamic Jizya tax on Hindus * died of natural causesBaba Hari DasMata Daya Vati
5Guru Arjan15 April 15631 September 158130 May 160643* 1st Sikh guru killed by Muslims * Mughal Emperor Jahangirordered him to be tortured and sentenced to deathRām DāsMata Bhani
6Guru Har Gobind19 June 159525 May 160628 February 164448* Instituted the practice of maintaining armed legion of Sikhwarrior-saints as protector of oppressed Hindus and Sikhs * Waged wars against Muslim rulers Jahangir and Shah Jahan * Died of natural causesArjun DēvMata Ganga
7Guru Har Rai16 January 16303 March 16446 October 166131* Established Sheltered Dara Shikoh; persecuted by vengefulAurangzeb who framed charges of anti-Islamic blasphemy against Guru Ji and Skih verses of Guru Granth Sahib * Died of natural causesBaba GurdittaMata Nihal Kaur
8Guru Har Krishan7 July 16566 October 166130 March 16647* Forcibly summoned to Delhi by persecutor Aurangzeb under framed charges * Died of Smallpox at the age of 8Hari Rā'iMata Krishan Kaur
9Guru Tegh Bahadur1 April 162120 March 166511 November 167554* Called Hind-di-Chadaar (Protector of India) * Protected Kashmiri Pandits against forced conversions by Muslims * Contributed many hymns (Shlokas) to Guru Granth Sahib * Spread Skihism far and wide to Bihar and Assam * Persecuted, imprisoned, tortured and executed by AurangzebHari GōbindMata Nanki
10Guru Gobind Singh22 December 166611 November 16757 October 170841* Founded Khalsa in 1699 * Last Sikh Guru in human form * Passed the Guruship of the Sikhs to the Guru Granth Sahib * Died of complications from stab wounds inflicted by Pashtunassassins sent by Mughal governor Wazir KhanTēġ BahādurMata Gujri
11Guru Granth Sahibn/a7 October 1708n/an/aFinal and last, eternal living guru--

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